What is barley grass?
Barley grass is the young soft green shoots which drop on the barley plant. It is one of the earliest grown sweetgrass in the world, being harvested even before 5000 B.C. It was very poular amongst ancient Greeks and Romans due to its nutrition dense profile with so many benefits. Apart from being widely used as a livestock feed it has gained a lot of popularity recently for its benefits that can support curing a spectrum of diseases.

What are the benefits of barley grass?
Barley grass has an impressive variety of antioxidants. Along with vitamin E and beta carotene barley grass is the most potent supplier of a healthy and critical enzyme which helps neutralize the effect of oxygen free radicals produced during energy metabolism.
Furthermore it supports the gut friendly bacteria that fight inflammation and assist in balancing the fluidity in the bowel eliminating accumulated toxins from the body. Regular consumption of barley grass provides the needed nutrition which is necessary for balancing the optimal production of immune cells in the body. This regeneration of cells also supports to fight the signs of aging without any side effects. Vital components like chlorophyll, vitamin B and iron improve the bone marrow and support the creation of white and red blood cells.

How to use it?
Barley grass can be consumed as a juice extracted from fresh grass sprouts or in the form of green powder or tablets.
Although barley grass is generally very safe some people might have allergic reactions like itching or burning sensations on the skin. If one is suffering from gluten intolerance one should generally avoid the usage of barley products as it probably contains gluten protein.  

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