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  1. Regular events in Auroville that you can join.

    Regular events in Auroville that you can join.

    Are you new to Auroville? Have you been in Auroville for a while, and are looking for things to do? We have compiled a list of regular activities which take place in Auroville ; something to try in the new year

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  2. Meet Auroville: Divya

    Meet Auroville: Divya

    Have you ever wondered how people end up in Auroville and how it changes their life? We are introducing to you people of Auroville. Today - Divya who arrived in Auroville in 1996 from Uttar Pradesh. 

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  3. Everyday Superfoods For A Small Budget

    Everyday Superfoods For A Small Budget

    Wellness and a balanced lifestyle is available for everyone - one doesn't necessarily needs a big budget. We're breaking down a few of the best budget superfoods to mix into your usual routine...

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  4. Visiting Auroville - Ideas for more than a day trip

    Auroville has many small-town charms, ones that can’t be enjoyed in just a short day. Tourists often breeze through the city, only getting a fast look at the sites. However, with many things to do and see, it deserves more than just a passing glance. We collected a list of places to see when visiting Auroville. 

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  5. The Story behind Diwali

    Do you know the story behind Diwlai - the Festival of Lights? In case you have never heard why Lord Rama defeated Ravana read on...

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  6. Activated Charcoal - and why you should try it.

    We had a closer look at activated charcoal and its benefits. Why you should start including the black powder into your daily beauty routine? We have some good reasons. 

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