Note Book NB41F Winter
Note Book NB41F Winter Note Book NB41F Winter

Notebook Small Winter Inprints with Elastic Closure

Auroville Papers

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Our Paper is a handicraft product made of cotton and vegetal fibers, for which no tree has been cut. The design are nature itself inscribing on our paper the infinitely diverse calligraphy of its leaves, flowers, herbs and pods.

Color and imprint will be given depending on availability. Specific colors and imprints can be done on order.

Please Note: In this collection, only the cover is made of handmade paper.

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One notebook size13.5 x 8.5 cm.

No.of.sheet: 40 sheets.

Ships in: Usually ships within a week

Auroville Papers

First of all it is an enterprise of Auroville and for Auroville.

We make hand-made paper, out of cotton rags, vegetal fibers and recycled paper.  

Along the years, we have developed a few techniques of our own and now we are able to produce a paper that is both safe ecologically speaking, and artistic.

 It is naturally artistic, so to say, because the act itself of making the paper is an act of creation - We conceive and make our paper the way a weaver conceives and weaves his cloth. This is what makes our paper unique and why so many people are so thrilled when they discover it.

In the years to come, we have to work more towards finding ways to use only natural colors and organic cotton, which is our next goal.

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