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The name of this instrument translates as "Infinite Strings" and denotes the fact that it has a large number of strings (from 12 to 36). The front side has four strings that resemble the Indian Tamburi as well as eight strings tuned to a pentatonic scaled raga. The backside offers a multitude of strings tuned to E, which allows the full play of natural harmonics and the richness of sound to unfold.

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Code Name Dimensions (cm)
ANT801 Anantar (Big) 115 x 18 x 23
ANT802 Anantar (Medium) 115 x 10 x 23

Material: Wood

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SVARAM Musical Instruments' pioneering products, activities and services contribute to the individual and social harmonization and well being, bringing the life enhancing, cultural-creative and value fostering gift of music into everyone‘s heart and hands.

SVARAM is a community enterprise founded 10 years ago in rural Tamil Nadu, in association with the international UNESCO endorsed project of Auroville. SVARAM is recognized in the UN Compendium ‘Music as a Global Resource’ as one of first 100 selected projects working towards achievement of the ‘Millennium Goals’ through a socio-cultural-creative enterprising approach. Initiated as a vocational training opportunity, the youth full project is now established as a sustainable, income gene rating and growing venture managed with the original trainees in a participatory model organization.

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