Family Kaleidoscope Puzzle


Family kaleidoscope puzzles are ageless, timeless, and fun for people from every culture. The cooperative puzzles can be played cross-generationally, together with grandparents, parents, siblings, or friends. Playing together brings the connection between people, and the intricate patterns require focused attention and creativity to build.

Note: This family game is a product created with consciousness, from idea to production. It is hand-made using traditional screen-printing on recycled cardboard, made by local craftspeople.

Instructions: This is a Family kaleidoscope puzzle box containing 101 Puzzle Pieces. With the box, you also get the access key to download the 101 Patterns at beginner and challenging levels. The puzzle pieces offer endless possibilities to create novel patterns, like the turn of a kaleidoscope. The puzzle pieces are sorted and packed with care. If any pieces go missing as can happen with puzzles, please reach out so that we can replace them for you instead of discarding the whole game. It is a puzzle of high quality and beauty to last a long time, with care for people and the planet.

Kaleidoscope Game Series

These Kaleidoscope puzzles help to nurture an imaginative mind. They have artistically designed components that can be put together in endless ways in a kaleidoscope manner. Through our research (with people aged 3 – 80 +) we have developed the kaleidoscope concept into a wide range of games and activities. These games encourage people to focus, connect, and learn in an atmosphere of equality, respect, and harmony.

Playing with the Aurogame Kaleidoscope Series Develops - concentration, memory, attention, analytic skills, patience, perseverance, mathematical thinking, cooperation, imagination, plasticity, creativity, visual and spatial perception, acuity, orientation, and flexibility.

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