All-in-One Mural


- unique art piece, created by Saraswati -

This is a freestyle playful mural, a collection of 57 multicolored tiles to be assembled and fixed at your home/office/hotel (indoor, outdoor) the way you like to see it. It can animate your kitchen, bathroom or even your garden!

You can arrange them in your own fashion: continue with the grid or build a line, a clock-like mural circle... Give voice to your imagination!

A unique art piece.

Artist: Saraswati

Dimensions: Each piece is 5 x 5 cm. (57 pieces)

Material: Ceramics (Stoneware, glazes).

Care instructions: relatively fragile, handle with care. You need to fix it on the wall using M-Seal (not included) or any cement-based mixture. Waterproof, you can wash it using a soft brush or even with the water pipe if fixed outdoor. Soft sponge and dry clothes are welcome. No metal sponge to be used.

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Manufacturer Saraswati
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