Mother Blessings Cards


The cards which are offered to you carry the energy of love and support of the Divine Mother. The images accompanying the blessings are made with tender joy and appeasing energy. They will help you relax and open your heart.

The words of blessing spoken by the Mother (Mirra Alfassa) hold an invaluable force of healing and transformation. Each of the blessings brings the energy of Truth and Love, which our souls desperately need.

How to use cards? You can enjoy the support of the Mother when you feel the need. For example, if you are frustrated, confused or afraid, mix the deck and pull out a card. Do not rush to read it, first consider the picture shown on it. Feel the gentle trust and energy emanating from the picture for a few minutes. Only then begin to read the text of the blessing.

Read slowly and feel every word in your heart. As soon as you feel an overflowing of warmth around the heart, know that the power of love and support of the Mother has touched your soul. Remember the state of inner warmth and comfort, and try to keep it toyourself as much as possible. In peace and silence, healing energies of the Mother will stabilize and work for a long time, bringing you inner peace, serenity and tranquility.

The cards can also be used as a blessing for the day. In the morning, after you have washed, mix the deck and take out one of the cards. Look carefully at the picture, feel its supporting energy. Then read the text of the blessing. With all sincerity, accept the power of this blessing and your day will be filled with a deep sense and useful content.

In the pack there is a white card with a picture of the Mother, for which there is no text or blessing. It has a special, sacred meaning. The mother said that sometimes it is better not to get blessings, so as not to be under the pressure of their energy. If you got a white card it means that at that time you will have the opportunity to choose for yourself one or more directions of energy waiting for you during the day.

Contains 41 blessing cards, size 13.2cm x 9.7 cm, and introduction booklet in unique hand-made box. Paintings and compilation of the texts of The Mother by Galina Vee (Flora).

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