This is a very short summary of information on Auroville and organizations related to it. For more information on any of these topics, feel free to open the hyperlinks provided.

Auroville is an international township in South India, inaugurated by The Mother in 1968 with the support of the Indian government and UNESCO. The Mother wrote The Auroville Charter as a guide for those that live in Auroville. Its residents aspire towards the goals based on the philosophic principles put forward by Sri Aurobindo and to achieve human unity.

In case you would like to visit Auroville and are planning to stay overnight or a few weeks, please have a look at the Guest House website. There are several accommodations in different price categories and standards available. We recommend you book in advance, since Auroville is quite full during the high season (December to March). For a list of art events, art classes and galleries to learn from during your stay, see here.

If you are interested in staying for a longer period of time and contribute to Auroville, there is the possibility of becoming a volunteer. There are many volunteering positions available. The volunteer organization of Auroville, Savi, will be very willing to help you find the right spot for you as a volunteer or intern as well as any research or training opportunities.

If you would like to make a donation towards Auroville, that is also possible. There are many different projects to choose from; one of the biggest ongoing projects is Acres for Auroville, with the goal to secure the land that is necessary to develop Auroville further. For details about donations, the different projects and tax exemption please have a look here.

For updates and information on Auroville, you can listen to the Auroville Radio. They broadcast regularly and sometimes cover events in Auroville

If you would like to speak to someone about Auroville in more detail, there may be an AVI center near you. Auroville International (AVI) is an organization that supports Auroville and it consists of a network of centers around the globe, trying to support Auroville. They also handle donations and always know a lot about the tax exemption laws in the country they are based.

For more information, you can contact us at or visit Auroville’s official website,